William Calvert Photography | Portrait Photographer Northern Ireland

My name is William, I am a young photographer and website designer. I have a strong eye for detail and a mind full of creativity. Read on to find out more about me.

Calvert Photography is my photography and website design business based in Portadown, Northern Ireland. For many years photography has been a passion and hobby of mine, yet in the past few years I have taken it to the next level. Photography genres I have experience in are landscape, street, architecture, vehicle and event photography. My current focus is portrait photography as I have a passion for creativity & photographs telling a story.

My other creative talent is website design. My website design passion dates back many years to the days of slow dial-up internet! When I was around 10 years old I made my first website for fun. Now, I design websites for business clients around the country. The feedback I have received for my website design skills has been amazing and motivating.  Website design is going great and I would like to re-focus and improve my overall photography now.

My dream is to have my own photography studio and to try as many different photo genres as I can. In the future, I would like to grow Calvert Photography into a full time creative business. World travel to photograph beautiful places is also an aspiration of mine. New York City is one of my top places I would love to visit along with Italy and Iceland. You can read my blog to see places that I have travelled and photographed.

This website was set up to showcase my business Calvert Photography – both my photography and website design portfolios can be found here. You can also keep up to date with creative projects I am working on and contact me for freelance work. Currently I’m based in Portadown, County Armagh but am able to travel and work with clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Feel free to follow me on my social networks like Instagram,  500PX and Twitter.


From Landscapes to Portraits I cover a wide range of different photography genres. I capture that special moment and use photographs to tell stories. Want me to capture yours? Contact me.

Website Design

Many years experience designing bespoke websites for businesses throughout Northern Ireland. My clients always remark how professional and detailed my website design services are.

Photo Retouch

Taking a photograph is only the beginning. The magic happens during the developing phase via editing and retouch.  I have experience in both Photoshop and Lightroom software suites.