William Calvert Photography | Portrait Photographer Northern Ireland

Photography Portfolio by William Calvert

I am a young, aspiring photographer from Portadown in Northern Ireland with a passion for creative photography and artistic concepts. My experience covers everything from concert & event to portraits, architecture and landscapes to black and white photography. I cover a wide range of different genres and themes. Currently my focus is on Portraits and creative art with a story.

I also have experience in photograph editing and retouching. See examples of my photo retouching work hereMy editing skills include colour correction, removing imperfections and blurring backgrounds. I can also fix exposure, reduce noise, crop and remove unwanted objects. My retouching skills cover both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software suites.

Be sure to check out my instagram and 500px accounts for more of my photography. From time-to-time I also post full photo shoots in my portfolio with behind-the-scenes. You can also read my blog here.