Portrait Photography Belfast

City Girl & Graffiti in Belfast - Portrait Photography Portadown by Calvert Photography

One of my goals has been to learn portrait photography and to work with other creative minds. This year, I have started to do just that. I recently did an on-location portrait photography photoshoot in Belfast with a fashion theme and another in Lady Dixon Park with a summer flower theme. Both shoots were great fun and I learned new skills.

Portrait Photography Belfast with a Graffiti Theme

My portrait photography shoot in Belfast City had a graffiti theme because I have always been interested in that. Belfast City Centre has lots of street art so it made the perfect backdrop. The sun was setting during our shoot time so we also did some fashion photography in the Titanic Quarter. Belfast Docks and the Titanic Quarter looked great during the sun going down. This was my first ever attempt at Portrait Photography and the results were fantastic. I took all of the photos on-location without any fancy lighting or studio equipment. In addition I also did all of the editing myself and post-processing using Adobe Lightroom.

Portrait Photography Belfast with a flower theme

My second shoot took place at Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. For this photoshoot I chose a summer and flower theme because it worked nicely with the park setting. Due to the location, this portrait photography shoot was more challenging because the sun was very strong and casting harsh shadows. My camera flash was also causing problems due to defective batteries. Despite this, I managed to work around both challenges and produce great photos. I had a very fun time during this shoot and built upon my previous experience from my first shoot in the city.

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